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Our AGA Drying Racks

The Development Stage

The Country Kitchen all started a few years ago with a school A level project.

The project objective was to solve a defined problem of the student's choice.

Seeking inspiration I asked my mother what problems she had whilst in the kitchen.

In common with many others, one of her problems was drying a washing machine load of clothes in the wintertime.

With this idea in mind I went to the "drawing board" and tried to develop something for her that would allow her to hang out a full load of washing using the existing heat sources we already had in the kitchen. Our main heat source being our AGA range cooker, my objective became the development of an AGA Drying Rack.

My first effort is what we now call the "Main Rail", which is pictured above. Once I had designed and completed this I took it home to show my mother. She agreed that it was ideal for what she wanted.

15 bottle wine rackI then took it to our local AGA shop, John Cooper and Sons, to see what they thought of the idea. At that time I just wanted them to write a glowing review for me that I could take back to my teacher and hopefully get a better grade!

Their response was very positive and they asked me to make them 10 units. From that I formed a partnership with a good friend to make the AGA drying rails and the Country Kitchen was born. We have never looked back from this day and we now offer a wide range of clothes airers to suit all requirements. 

After the success of of the AGA drying rails we expanded our portfolio to ensure that our products also fitted the Rayburn, Esse and other such cookers and kitchen ranges.

More recently we have started making wine racks primarily out of horse shoes these come in standard sizes but we are always happy to make any special requirements to order. contact us for more information about this.